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  • Cloud based and Desktop POS

Make sales and business easier today!

Our Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) system is designed with your business and your customers in mind. Sales of your products are just a click away as we provide a fast and simplified way to deal with your business’ sales and inventory management, as well helping your business to grow – saving you, your employees, and your clients valuable time and providing customer satisfaction!

Fast and easy sales are just a click away:

Our EPOS system can provide your business and employees with an easier and faster user experience. As your employees make transactions with the customers, the EPOS system automatically makes the sale, accepting the payment easily, as well as handling all the calculations involved in sales and the issuance of receipts. What does this mean?

This means customer satisfaction, as the payment process is simplified and fast for your clients, and your employees do not need to calculate anything in store. The EPOS system also provides you with the ability to create and send receipts directly to your customers after the sale has been made. With the sale of the product made, and your customer leaving your store happy, our EPOS system then goes on to help you and your business further…

Inventory management in your hands:

We understand that inventory management is an important part of your business and with up to date stock levels you can ensure the availability of your product with just a few clicks any time, any place, this is essential for your staff on the shop floor.

With the evolution of technology, our software, and the internet our EPOS system allows you to virtually update your products in the system from anywhere, including product prices and stock levels, and keep on top of your business’ progress daily.

Knowing your customers and growing your business:

Finally, our EPOS system provides you with the ability to keep track of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and can help your business to grow.

How does it do this? Information from each sale made is automatically added to weekly, monthly, and yearly reports, and customer information can be easily saved and updated in the EPOS system. This information including the engagement of the customer and sales history can be viewed easily and used to provide analytics and create repeated business through customer loyalty programs and incentives, as well as track the individual customers likes and dislikes and shopping habits – helping your business to grow further and increase customer satisfaction!

Who are we and how else can we help you?:

Here at IT4BS we are an information technology solutions and software provider that can help your business to grow.

As well as EPOS systems we can offer support and deliver high quality services, providing you and your business with a range of different solutions from websites, to digital marketing, mobile applications as well as desktop applications. We have all of your I.T service needs covered!

So, what can we do to help you? We can provide your company with a variety of website application solutions, including website design and development, Ecommerce and increased SEO to help your business get seen. We can also get you noticed further, as we deliver a selection of digital marketing techniques, including social media, email and SMS marketing. Our team are also skilled and experienced creating mobile applications for your business – compatible with iOS and Android phones, this is an important solution in this digital age, where information is readily available in the palms of our hands. Finally, we can also grow your company with our desktop applications, this includes our EPOS systems as we have spoken about above, as well as hotel booking systems and hospital management systems.

Grow your business and help it become more successful with us. Our professional team has a wide experience and knowledge of providing different solutions for businesses looking to digitalize and develop.

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